I do not write this review lightly. Dr. Arnold and his clinical staff are good, actually very good.

The problem stems from his administrative staff. I was scheduled for follow-up dental care as I had assumed that my benefits had been verified. I mistakenly trusted that Lynn was competent.

This was not the case. I was left on the hang for $1300 at a time when I really did not need such. Pure gross incompetence on Dr. Arnold’s administrative staff’s part, i.e. – Lynn.

I was in regular communication with Lynn regarding our situation and never once did I not respond to her texts. It was a challenge to sell stock and transfer monies around to take care of the “situations” we have been faced with. The last text I received was extremely rude and that I would be referred for collections.

One simple phone call could have alleviated this issue. In my 17 years in medicine, I would have terminated any employee that treated a patient in the manner in which I was treated. I will steer way clear of Dr. Arnold’ practice based on this less than beyond acceptable experience. Best, Ed